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Amana Appliance Repair

We have the best Amana local appliance repair technicians in Edmonton. We have certified repairmen who are qualified and experienced enough to repair and fix all Amana appliance models. We offer TSSA-licensed repair of electric, gas, and induction appliances.

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Amana Service in Edmonton

Amana has become well-known for producing some of the best household appliances in the world. Customers identify the Amana brand with superior craftsmanship and engineering sophistication. Amana constantly provides more features, comfort, and innovation. Amana appliances improve modern living and raise the standard of living when they are integrated into houses. Even though they sell high-quality household equipment, there might occasionally be technical issues. Please contact us if you experience any problems with your Amana appliance. Your appliance will be brought back to peak function by our knowledgeable, brand-certified specialists. In the Edmonton area, we specialize in fixing Amana dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, washers, dryers, freezers, and cooktops. We strive to finish repairs quickly—often the same day as your request—using genuine replacement parts. You may be confident that our servicing and replacement components are guaranteed, protecting your

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Amana Dishwasher Repair

You can trust our knowledgeable professionals to fix your Amana dishwasher. Our specialty is quickly identifying and resolving problems with Amana dishwashers. You may rely on us to provide dependable repair services that will let your appliance operate and operate again.

Amana Dryer Repair

Put your faith in our skilled experts for dependable Amana dryer repair. Our specialty is quickly identifying and resolving problems with Amana dryers. Our prompt servicing and authentic replacement parts will quickly restore your dryer to optimal functioning.

Amana Washer Repiar

You may depend on our knowledgeable specialists for trustworthy Amana washer repair. Our expertise lies in swiftly identifying and resolving problems with Amana washers so that your equipment may resume its normal functioning. You can rely on us for effective support and long-lasting fixes.

Amana Refrigerator Repiar

You can rely on our knowledgeable professionals for dependable Amana refrigerator repair. Our expertise is in quickly identifying and resolving problems with Amana refrigerators, guaranteeing the smooth operation of your equipment. We promise satisfaction with authentic replacement parts and effective service.

Amana Range Repair

For dependable Amana range maintenance, rely on our skilled specialists. Our expertise is on swiftly identifying and resolving problems with Amana ranges, guaranteeing the smooth operation of your equipment. Pleasure is assured with authentic replacement components and effective servicing.

Amana Oven Repiar

You can rely on our skilled professionals for efficient and trustworthy Amana oven repair. Our expertise lies on quickly identifying and resolving problems with Amana ovens so that your equipment continues to function properly. Pleasure is assured with authentic replacement components and effective servicing.

Amana Cooktop Repair

You can rely on our knowledgeable specialists for effective Amana cooktop repair. Our expertise lies in quickly identifying and resolving problems with Amana cooktops so that your appliance continues to function properly. Genuine replacement components and dependable servicing ensure customer happiness.

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Benefit from our licensed specialists with over 21 years of expertise


Enjoy peace of mind with a full 12-month warranty on all our services and parts


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Our administration region covers Edmonton and the encompassing areas, including all areas displayed on the guide and in the middle between.

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Our crews are on the road constantly. Whenever feasible, we strive to provide same-day service for your appliance repair needs. If not, we'll schedule a visit at a time convenient for you. Our goal is to deliver the best and most prompt service possible, recognizing the importance of your appliances to your home or business

Amana Range / Stove / Oven Error Codes

F9-2 – F1-1 – F1-3 – F1-5 – F1-7 – F1-8 – F1-9 – F1-A – F1-C – F1-E – F1-F – F1-H – F1-J – F3-1 – F9-1 – F0-0

Amana Frige / Freezer Error Codes

Too cold, not cold enough, beeps/flashing indicators, ice build up, e.t.c

Amana Cooktop Error Codes

E:01, E:11 or E:12 E:03 or E:13 E:17 E:18 E:20 E:26

Amana Dishwasher Error Codes

Not draining, lights blinking, loud noise, bad smell, doesn't wash, leaking

Amana Washer / Dryer Error Codes

nd LO nF FL LE OE E2 dc od dL dS bE tE E3, AF F# E# L2 PF

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We are Edmonton’s most trusted appliance repair service. We make this possible with our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. We offer refined services at the most transparent rates, making it easy for you to choose us every single time.

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Look no further! Aspire Appliance Repair is your trusted choice for top-notch appliance repair services in Edmonton.

We follow a transparent pricing policy based on “time and materials.” Whether it’s a simple fix or a more extensive repair, we’ll provide a clear breakdown of costs and options tailored to your needs.

We aim for same-day service whenever possible, ensuring minimal disruption to your schedule. If not, we’ll schedule a convenient service call time for you.

Repair time varies based on the complexity of the issue. Our goal is to complete repairs on the same day of our initial visit. If additional time is needed, we’ll communicate it upfront

Rest assured, Aspire Appliance Repair is fully licensed and insured, providing peace of mind while we work on your appliances.

No, our authorized technicians ensure that your manufacturer’s warranty remains intact after our repair work.

With 15 years of experience, Aspire Appliance Repair is your trusted partner for reliable and professional appliance repair services.

Our motto is simple: Your Appliance Fixed – or You Don’t Pay.

From stoves and ovens to washers and dishwashers, we repair all brands and models of appliances with expertise and efficiency.

Often, repairing your appliance can be more cost-effective than replacing it. Contact us for an honest assessment of whether repair is the best option for you.